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About the Author & Illustrator

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- Kathleen Leyba, Children's Book Author -

Kathleen Leyba is a children's book author who writes books to help children understand the care that healthcare workers provide. Her stories are filled with relatable characters and engaging illustrations that make learning about the dedication of healthcare workers easy and filled with gratitude. Kathleen's passion for writing and educating children about healthcare workers stems from her life as a Critical Care Registered nurse and seeing and experiencing first-hand inspired her to create a series of books that not only entertain but also educate young readers and give them a sense of ease knowing that real-life heroes do exist and are at work daily making the world a better place.

C.S Fritz.png
- Illustrator -

Casey "C.S." Fritz grew up on a farm in Oregon, where he milked cows and had a pet pig. To escape the endless chores of cleaning chicken coops and watering tomatoes, he would draw. C.S. Fritz moved to Arizona and hos work began to gain traction with local galleries and art publications. He had endless support from his wife and two children. C.S. Fritz is now an award-winning author and illustrator, with published titles such as the Cottonmouth trilogy, Good Night Tales, and The Moonman Cometh.

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